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State Fair 2010 REALIZATIONS

My 2010 State Fair of Texas totem is called REALIZATIONS. Because I've had a few recently. I usually do more fun sculptures, but this one had a bit of angst associated with it. I thought it would be cool to make the piece a tad interactive and give Fair patrons the opportunity to contribute their thoughts. You have; I appreciate it, thank you.

Comments received at the sculpture:

• I have come to the realization that as an artist my name has value.

• The Great State Fair of Texas is the BEST of Texas

• I realize I’m depressed by not winning the Glue-A-Shoe contest

• Thanks for the public ART!

• Changing myself won’t make people like me.

• In 45 years, I’ve realized that the only thing that redeems the sheer ugliness of humanity is art in its varying forms. Without it, we are nothing. –     Holly

• I realize I don’t make enough time for fun; love.

• You are good and kind and I love you

• Life is short, Have Fun! Next year I’ll come with my cousins, leave the husbands home! More fun!

• I realize how great America is – and how great the Texas State Fair is!

• The State Fair is fun! Fun and Food. My two favorite things! You can never have too much of these.

• Love Family Time! (the dot under the exclamation mark is a heart)     Diha R.

• Life is too short to not make EVERY Place you go FUN!!     gwe

• I realize how much I love Crystal even with all her amazing beauty

• I realize that being a native Texan and a 65 year Dallasite, that we take for granted the fact that we have such a wonderful entertainment venue as the State Fair.     Steve C.

• Love is endless.     Lezlee

• Love hurts, but not for the reasons we think it does    Carolyn

• are those GUNSHOTS??? Perfect!

• I tried to read the classics that had guided me in adolescence and I could not bear them. I buried myself in the romantic writings I had repudiated when my mother tried to impose them on me with a heavy hand, and in them I became aware that the invincible power that has moved the world is unrequited, not happy, love. via email

• It's just the open-ended "wanting" that makes us keep on looking looking looking for something something something....

• Never ever cook bacon naked

• Time is short; Life is long; Long live art

• Health; New art inspirations; Realize improved ability

• Fried beer sux! And life is not worth living in fear!

• This one was written like this, sans bullets(ed)
o False
o Events
o Appearing
o Real

• Dear Jeff, I realized, after going around the Fair with 4 people over 70 and 2 in wheelchairs and in the past with kids in tow, that the best day that I have EVER had… was with you. Thank you so much.

• People want to be lied to, as long [as] they’re entertaining and believable

• three on one card(ed)
o I have realized I actually like alligator on a stick
o I have realized that I really can make friends wherever I go.
o I long ago realized that life’s too short to sweat the little stuff

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this artwork!

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